Learning process

Today I ended up watching a video about the learning process (this YT algorithm...) and the reason why all of us spend a lot of time planning and end up not taking any action. This is the video if you want to watch it btw: youtube.com/watch?v=Z2N5a7XZWg8

Last summer I started a course about it too, here it is: coursera.org/learn/learning-how-to-learn Hint: I haven’t finished it yet.

But in both cases, I realised something interesting. You need to keep three things in mind to learn efficiently. There are more of them, of course, but for me these are my musts:

  • Taking action
  • Sleep
  • Repetition

Taking action

For me, this is the most important task and also, the thing I care less about when it comes to myself.

Taking action doesn’t imply reading a book and all is done. It means you should take notes, make diagrams, ask questions to yourself...

For example, I’ve always wanted to learn English, but I’ve never done anything giving my 100%. I saw tv series and movies in English (that’s really nice, for sure) but when I didn’t know a word, I never wrote it down. That means I will not remember it. Taking action means having a pencil and a paper nearby and taking notes. You can apply that to everything.


It doesn’t matter if you take a lot of notes about everything if you end up not reading them again. The key to success is doing one thing over and over again. If one method doesn’t work, just change it up and try again. Usually you need more than one attempt to get things done successfully. With the previous example, if you don’t read your word list again, why have you done that? Spend time repeating things to know all about them and never forget them.


This is really important and something people sometimes take for granted, because when we sleep, we create new synapses (neuron connections) and the toxins in our brain are cleaned. So do that more frequently.

Bonus: Don’t be rushed, big things take time. As someone really wise once said: la paciencia es la madre de la ciencia.

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